The Perfect Campus TV Solution

Improve Your Campus Life

Live TV Anywhere

Provide a full-featured TV service anywhere on your network.

A Social Experience

Students can see what's trending on campus so they never miss a show.

Delight Your Residents

Add a great amenity to your on-campus housing experience.

Made for Administrators

Administrative Dashboard

Live Administrative Dashboard

  • View real-time analytics
  • Monitor system health
  • Post notices to the student body
Campus channel

Build Your Own Channel Lineup

  • Include your campus channels
  • Live-stream campus events
Common area solutions

A Complete Common Area Solution

  • Easy Bulk Setup
  • Centrally manage TVs around campus
  • Enable kiosk mode for digital signage or single-channel use

Infrastructure Benefits

No Device Management

Students watch TV on their devices so you don't need to manage any.

Cost Avoidance

Go IPTV-only, or offer Philo in addition to your traditional cable TV system.

Built for Your Network

Philo optimizes your network traffic using adaptive bitrate technology.

Proven & Effective

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    We monitor your system so you don’t have to. Our turnkey system is made to be simple to set up and run. And it keeps running.

  • 15-minute issue resolution

    Our best-in-class customer support team resolves 90% of help tickets in under an hour, averaging 15 minutes.

  • Already at 50+ universities

    Don’t take our word for it–your peer institutions are already signed up and love us.


Download these whitepapers about the Philo system and how it would work at your school.

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